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Hamza Ourahou
Hamza OurahouCustomer & Sales Support
The best part of my work is to turn our customers’ packaging needs into real possibilities
Andre van Hooijdonk
Andre van HooijdonkTransport Coordinator
The logistical challenge of getting a great PET product to the customer on time in this dynamic world, is always a fascinating process
Patty Dekkers
Patty DekkersCustomer & Sales Support
PET packaging is an art and we understand that art like nobody else
Kees Winters
Kees WintersHR Officer
PET Power is growing because the organisation thinks in terms of opportunities. As an HR Officer, it’s fantastic to facilitate that growth
Stan Rockx
Stan RockxCustomer & Sales Support
There’s a PET solution for every situation; finding the right connection is what makes it interesting for me
Annette Kraan
Annette KraanSales Director
The dynamics of the world of packaging are always challenging. It’s a challenge that PET Power takes on with a lot of creativity and by exploring new possibilities
Anton van der Plas
Anton van der PlasQuality Assurance Officer
Attention to quality leads to greater job satisfaction for everyone
Jim Visser
Jim VisserSupply Chain Manager
My passion? Continuously improving cooperation in the supply chain by sharing and applying information
Rens van Dijk
Rens van DijkProduct Development Engineer
Creativity doesn’t stop on Friday!
Sonja van de Geer
Sonja van de GeerHR Manager
At PET Power people make the difference. I think it’s essential that there is ample room for personal growth within the organisation
Frank van Duppen
Frank van DuppenProject Engineer
Product development in the packaging industry is a very dynamic challenge; the customer should be able to ‘feel’ the passion you have for your products
Edwin van Gog
Edwin van GogFinancial Director
At PET Power, ‘being in control’ is much more than just watching the numbers
Marcel Schröder
Marcel SchröderManaging Director
It makes me very proud when a customer is successful with our products
Saskia van Etten
Saskia van EttenCustomer & Sales Support
Great to see the face of a satisfied customer when the beautifully colored PET bottle or jar exceeds his expectations.
Bart Mulders
Bart MuldersProduct Development Engineer
The best designs are conceived while you’re doing something else…
Miriam van de Plaat
Miriam van de PlaatOperations Director
Working together to make beautiful PET products for our customers and doing this a little bit smarter every day, that’s what I’m striving for
Amber Tamarinof
Amber TamarinofCustomer & Sales Support
Think of the possibilities and see opportunities, so that we can meet any challenge
Ton Bastiaansen
Ton BastiaansenProject Engineer
Driven by technology, finding a solution for every PET application
Dennis van Dijk
Dennis van DijkCustomer & Sales Support
My main drive? Surprise our customers time and time again with packaging solutions that make their business even easier
Samir Amrani Nejjar
Samir Amrani NejjarQESH Manager
Quality, that’s what we’re all about!
Petra Wilgers
Petra WilgersCAPA Coordinator
To me, a complaint is an opportunity. An opportunity offered by the customer to improve the process
Tom Selderijk
Tom SelderijkPurchaser Trade
100 percent customer satisfaction – that’s my aim
Arno Jansen
Arno JansenSite Purchaser
Providing the best products to our customers together with our suppliers
Kees Kok
Kees KokMarketing Manager
The most special feature of the packaging world, to me, is its almost infinite internal and external opportunities
Michaël Grootenboers
Michaël GrootenboersQuality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance in PET packaging, dynamic and constantly in motion
Raôul Gabriëls
Raôul GabriëlsBD&T Director
My motivation is innovation: the joint development of new and improved packaging solutions for the customer!
Jordy van der Neut
Jordy van der NeutPurchaser Trade
The search for the perfect bottle/jar and cap combination is the most exciting part of my work