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Droplet Squeezers: squeezable and handy for serving!

Our Droplet Squeezers fit perfectly in the hand and are easy to squeeze and manipulate due to their oval shape. This is why this model is widely used for all kinds of foodstuffs such as honey, dressings and sandwich spreads. PET Power offers the models available in its standard range with two different neck finishes: 38SP400 and 31 Snap. It’s this second family that we’re now expanding with a 5th family member: the 510ml version.

Quite a sight!

With their oval shape, broader front and extensive decoration possibilities, the Droplet Squeezers really stand out on shop shelves. This is evident from the wide variety of applications. The unique form of the Droplet Squeezers means that they’re easily enhanced with labels, sleeves or prints and can be produced in all colours of the rainbow. The unique 31 Snap neck ensures that the closure fits firmly and is not easily removed. In this, the bottle lends itself perfectly to combination with the normally available serving solutions.
For more information about closures or decoration possibilities for the 510ml Droplet Squeezers, contact us at ue.rewoptep@ofni or through your local sales representative.

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