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Sturdiness and elegance can really form a partnership….

It’s difficult to express the allure of our new Fat Sharp Cylindricals in a single word. Sturdy? Most certainly, with the impressive height-width ratio. Because the width is greater than the height, this model really stands out on the shop shelves. Elegant? The combination of the cylindrical form and the sleek contours of the neck is modern and refined. The 300ml and the 500ml both come with the 28SP410 neck finish. Easy to combine with very many different closures and pumps.

Eminent versatility

For many types of packaging, the shape already specifies the application. But with the versatile Fat Sharps Cylindricals, the possibilities are endless. When combined with an effective, functional closure, this model is highly suited for personal care, food, home and healthcare products. Let our designers convince you in advance with remarkable illustrations. Want to know more? Then feel free to contact us at info@petpower.

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