Sterile PET packaging

Plastic packaging with care

What applies to the Personal Care market, applies twofold to the Health Care market. Safety and durability are often, literally, of vital importance. But the design and look are also important. Especially because design and convenience often go hand in hand. PET Power uses its know-how and expertise for many over-the-counter customers (OTC) and their self-medication, as well as for many pharmaceutical companies and their products that are prescription-only. Very strict laws and regulations often apply to both sectors. And PET Power translates them into safe PET packaging.

Let yourself be inspired by some examples of PET packaging for Health Care applications

Largest assortment of Health Care PET products

PET Power has one of the largest ranges of standard PET Health Care products. Our standard product range contains several series, in which the largest eleven have different sizes. For instance, famous models like Clinch Vials, Sirop and Veral, Therapy bottles and pill jars. These models are all freely available. For each model, PET Power offers a choice of one or more closures.


PET Power has its own cleanroom (GMP class C) of no less than 1,200 square metres. In this special air pressured cleanroom, we manufacture part of our healthcare packaging. The cleanroom allows us to make products very clean, or after an additional treatment with gamma radiation, medically sterile. More about our cleanroom can be found here.

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PET bottles suitable for
gamma sterilisation

In many cases, the healthcare market requires an additional sterilisation step. PET Power offers labtests and sterility assurance in accordance with ISO 11137 and VDᵐᵃᵡ.

Just two kilometres away from our site, is one of the largest sterilisation centres in Europe. At this site we radiate pallets in one go, without unpacking them. The gamma rays penetrate the entire pallet and break all DNA structures with which they come into contact. We always use the default pharmaceutical radiation dose of at least 25kGy. We will of course provide all required certificates. You can read more about gamma irradiation in the ‘Products & services section’.

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You constantly face stricter guidelines, laws and local regulations. This is why PET Power assists its customers with laboratory services such as stability, sterility and compatibility tests. Before launching a product on the market, you will have to be sure that its use is safe for the consumer. PET Power will gladly inform you about the standard migration tests with non-aqueous simulants. We also work closely with renowned and well-known laboratories that can test specific substances. Migration test results are always sent directly to the customer, who can subsequently use the results for their own analyses and results.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our lab services.