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Transparent ice cream packaging
with a luxurious look

If you are looking for a manufacturer and supplier of excellent quality ice cream packaging, then take a look at PET Power’s large standard range. Here you will find a large range of solutions. However, as experienced manufacturer we can also offer you bespoke ice cream packaging. Read on and find out more about our products and services.

Ice cream packaging solutions

PET Power has several solutions for all ice cream packaging. In our configurator, you will find all ice cream packaging per capacity, so you can easily get an idea of what is available to fit your needs. At the moment, the Straight Cylindrical ranges are very popular and we increasingly see this model used for ice cream packaging. This specific model is characterised by its smooth lines and is manufactured as standard with a 63/70/89 and 100 mm SP400 neck finish. This makes it easy to combine the container with standard plastic and aluminium closures.

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Ice cream packaging, with an extra touch…

In the past, cardboard and thermoformed plastic trays were the go-to material for almost every manufacturer of ice cream packaging. Nowadays, however PET packaging material is increasingly being used. The transparent and glossy look gives the ice cream product a more appealing look. That is why, as an experienced manufacturer, PET Power offers ice cream packaging made from this material. The straight Cylindrical ranges are easy to fill and empty, thanks to their shape, and can be used down to -20°C.

A single personal
point of contact

Your local sales representative will help you with the development of ice packaging. Our specialist will share his thoughts on a functional and matching closure and attractive decoration. We will provide you with a complete, high-quality PET packaging whose look fits your company’s house style. Take a look at all examples of our Straight Cylindrical ranges used for ice cream packaging.

Want to know more about
ice cream packaging?

PET Power has several in-house specialists who are happy to advise you on the various options for your ice packaging:

Want to know more
about ice cream packaging

In our knowledge centre you will find several leaflets specifically devoted to ice packaging. Here, you can download free information about all Straight Cylindrical ranges and additional services we can like to perform for you. Contact us and we will tell you all about the options. If you would like more information about the advantages of PET as a packaging material for ice cream packaging, please contact us via ue.rewoptep@ofni.

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