I am 100% sustainable!

One of the most positive developments in the packaging world is the growing awareness of Post Consumer Recycled material (PCR). Whereas in the past, processing companies had to explain in detail about colour deviation and the often slightly higher price, most customers now accept these two PCR characteristics as a given. The proportion of PCR is growing considerably and the material is now used for different product groups. It is less well known that PCR can also be used for food packaging. For PET packaging, the share of PCR varies from 25% to 100%. The percentage selected affects the colour difference.

I’d like to use PCR, but what exactly does that mean?

PCR is used in the same way as virgin material and they can be perfectly mixed with each other. A PET bottle containing PCR material can also be recycled and reused as PCR afterwards. It is important to know that packaging with PCR has a slightly different colour and that this may have consequences when the packaging is filled with your product. The packaging can also appear different in combination with a colour master batch.

Because PCR is so popular, supplies could be delayed in future. We therefore recommend that you test (and approve) more than one type of PCR, so that you do not miss out on production. The specialists at PET Power fully support you in all stages of the testing process. Please contact your local sales representative.