Standard or custom made PET packaging

PET Power manufactures PET packaging for over a thousand companies in personal care, food, healthcare and household products. These companies supply their products in high-quality, safe, eye-catching and stylish PET bottles and jars, including matching lids/caps, colours and decorations. Are you looking for packaging for other applications or in other plastics? Please contact us to discuss the options. PET Power: Packaging Your Brand

PET understands
your challenges

In the world of increasing demands from the customer and the world of online shopping you must be able to deliver your products quickly and precisely as required. PET Power helps you. Thanks to our 24/7 production, we can deliver quickly and flexibly, no matter how large your order. In addition to logistics, we can also offer you support in design, laboratory tests, and much more. All you have to do is take care of the best possible launch of your product.