PET Packaging
for the Personal Care market

PET Power’s “Personal Care”

PET Power is the first choice for packaging for the Personal Care market. After all, we do not want any broken glass on floors in areas where we walk barefoot. In addition, personal care manufacturers want their products to have a trendy look, radiate high-quality and that they are eye-catchers on the retail shelves. However complex, all of these requirements come together at PET Power. The PET packaging of your Personal Care products will stand out and immediately catch the consumer’s eye because it can be made in infinite colours and shapes. And let’s not forget the decoration, which is also a differentiating element. We will gladly offer our input.

Let yourself be inspired by some examples of PET packaging for Personal Care applications

Every jar has

In fact, a perfectly fitting lid/cap is an essential part of the overall concept. And a good lid/cap does what it should do; it prevents spilling and ensures durability of the product. As a manufacturer of personal care products, you can choose from a wide range of caps. However, PET Power also offers attractive dosing systems, such as pumps. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly offer our input. Alternatively, you can also check out our ‘configurator’.

Decoration options
for your PET bottle or jar

In addition to PET’s typical properties, there is another way to stand out on the retail shelf: decoration of the packaging. Sure, it has to contain lot of required information, but there is still plenty of room for creativity. Our designers and product engineers are happy to give you their input on the right bottle-decoration combination. Check out all the possibilities on our decoration page.

Custom plastic packaging

Differentiating yourself is also possible with a shape that’s entirely your own. If you choose your completely own design, our designers will brainstorm with you about every detail: from shape to colour to decoration. Together we will select the best plastic material with a view to the desired look, processing of the material and sustainability, as well as laws and regulations. PET Power also has 3D printers to give you an immediate real feel of your chosen packaging from a sample.