ISBM machines
for PET packaging

PET Powers serves customers who order a single pallet up to customers who order fully loaded trucks on a weekly basis. This includes PET bottles from 10 millilitres up to large containers of up to 8 litres. To meet these diverse needs, PET Power has multiple machine platforms. Some machines are better suited to large numbers, while others are more equipped to handle larger diameters. This qualitative flexibility makes PET Power the perfect partner for all your packaging. We use two different brands in our production plants: AOKI and Nissei ASB. We have the following types of machinery from these companies at our disposal:

ASB 50

This type of machine is the smallest single stage version and is ideally suited to smaller capacity sizes up to and including 100 ml.


One of the smaller machines with a very high torque force. As a result, models with sharp moulds are possible.


The 70DPW is one of the larger machines and is used in longer production runs. We use this type of machine to produce PET models with a narrower neck.


This type is the most widely used ASB model because it can produce a large variety of shapes.


This powerhouse is ideally suited to large capacities and wide-mouth models.

Aoki 250

The most commonly used Aoki model, due to the high degree of flexibility in terms of models and moulds.

Aoki 350

This is one of PET Power’s most potent models from the Aoki line. We use the Aoki 350 for a wider neck finish.

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