PET Power
Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance department is responsible for safeguarding PET Power’s high-quality. Customer satisfaction is a key priority at this department. QA focuses on two points: customer focus and continual improvement. The Quality Assurance department is at the frontline of the process. Today, it is important to approach process control from risk-based thinking. This way, PET Power creates extra customer value.

Measuring is knowing

The Quality Control department controls our measurement process. They carry out continuous measurements to control if our PET bottles and containers are in compliance with the agreements with the customer. We use the measurement data as input for our improvement process. With methods such as SPC, variation analysis, quality measurements, database analyses, statistics and interviews with operators and technicians, improvement teams take any action necessary to upgrade our processes.

ISO certification

Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. In addition, PET Power is committed to producing the most secure packaging for you. If it concerns packaging for the food industry, there are strict hygiene standards and national and European food-contact legislation. The basis of our food safety policy is the BRC Packaging & Packaging Materials standard. It is aimed at maximising food safety and optimal protection of the health of the consumer. This is why PET Power has prepared clear hygiene regulations, operational instructions and registration systems. . Please use the two links below to download our BRC and ISO 9001 certificates. If the links do not work, please contact us at ue.rewoptep@ofni.

Download certificate

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