We make sure that your stock is limited by keeping your production in our stock and delivering exactly on time with our excellent logistics services. After all, warm temperatures and direct sunlight could lead to the deforming of PET bottles and containers. To prevent this from happening, we store your packaged products away from sunlight and below 40°C. In addition, we offer support with your logistics planning. You can track your product at all times using the unique pallet number. The pallet label includes the pallet number, article number, article description, batch number, production date and the quantity on the pallet.

What is the optimal route
of PET packaging

You want optimal success. You also want to market your products as effectively and efficiently as possible. PET Power offers support in mapping the entire supply chain. How many products do you sell? What are the seasonal influences? What are your planned advertising campaigns? With this kind of information, PET Power can make sure that the right type and amount of PET bottles and containers are ready at the right time. When optimising your supply chain, the planning of our machinery, people and resources is essential. Together, we will pursue optimal supply chain management. Packaging your brand!

Do you want to learn more about support for your supply chain management? Please send an email to: ln.rewoptep@ofni.

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