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Continually evolving plastic packaging

Your market is dynamic and seems to be even more dynamic each year. Trends come and go; last year’s trendy PET bottle can be old-fashioned today. How do you keep up? PET Power offers its customers a full range of stylish, sleek and contemporary designs. We continue to expand our range of PET packaging. Not just bottles, but jars, closures, lids and caps as well. PET Power is on it.

A modern
plastic packaging

In the packaging world, PET Power is known for its wide range of standard PET bottles and jars.
In addition, every year approximately 30 new shapes or sizes are added. Any PET bottle or jar will be offered with a perfectly matching cap or lid. Below are the most recent additions.

This old-fashioned model – Snap it Up!!

One of the oldest models in the wide range of PET bottles is the Dutch Oval family. This distinctive oval bottle is immediately recognisable in the shops by its stately appearance and relatively large label area. PET Power now also supplies this specific model with a Snap-neck version including a perfectly matching closure with a Tamper Evident ring. The cap guarantees that you are the first user of the product.



Perfect Dosing: now even easier…

Our wide range of standard PET jars has recently been extended with two brand new models. We are expanding the Spice Jar range with a new neck diameter. The new 200 ml jars with 48SP400 neck finish are wider than the standard jars and have the perfect dosing feature with the matching flapper cap. As well as using for herbs and spices, both models are highly suitable for sweets, sandwich fillings and cake decoration.



The Largest range is now even larger

You ask yourself, ‘Can their largest range extend even further?’ and the answer is Of course it can! We at PET Power are again expanding our extensive range of Straight Cylindrical Jars. This time, we are adding a 125ml Straight Cylindrical Jar to our standard range. This particular jar has a 70mm diameter neck and falls exactly between the 100ml and 150ml versions. The complete 70mm range now consists of nine standard models, starting with a 50ml version and ending with a 400ml Straight Cylindrical Jar.


Sustainable drinking water bottle Vita Round

The Vita Round is PET Power’s Standard Tritan™ reusable drinking water bottle. The cylindrical 500ml water bottle is available separately or can be combined with two matching closures. The designer cap fits exactly on the neck of the bottle to form a tight connection. The functional sports cap has an extra protective cap for easy use during sports.


A party for everyone…

The latest addition to our extensive range of standard PET bottles and jars is a real treat for everyone. The Bottle Shaped Jar has a capacity of 500ml and comes with the popular standard 63RTS neck finish. A unique bottle, which literally stands on its ‘head’. The Bottle Shaped Jar is ideal for festive events.


Elegance was never so robust

Once again, we’re expanding our already broad assortment of Straight Cylindrical Jars with a new size. This robust 1 litre jar can rightly be called an eye-catcher. The characteristic sleek lines of the unique Straight Cylindrical range are again to be admired in this new jar size. Despite its 14 cm height and  10 cm diameter, the 1 litre jar still retains its elegance. This is why the 1 litre Straight Cylindrical Jar presents a highly suitable packaging solution for a whole range of products. Click here for more product information.


Square Grip Jar 2000 and 2500ml

We are again extending our wonderful range of ‘Grip Jars’ with two new models. And that’s quite something! The two new, robust ‘Square Grip’ jars have a capacity of 2.0 and 2.5 litres. Despite these large volumes, they are extremely user-friendly. The jars come with the popular 100SP400 neck finish, making them easy to combine with a host of different standard closures.



Nieuwe Producten Squarebottle 4028 0400c0002

Striking appearance: the 400ml Square Bottle

PET Power is responding to the increasing demand for non-round, eye-catching models with the 400ml Square Bottle. The 400ml Square Bottle is a stately, square bottle with sleek lines. Due to the relatively small bottom surface, this specific model stands out because of its height. The neck finish for the PET bottle is the popular standard 28SP410. This combines easily with a whole array of closures and mini-pumps.


Nieuwe Producten Fatsharpcylindrical 4028 0500c0002

Fat Sharp Cylindrical 300 & 500ml

Really special models, these! Our two new Fat Sharp Cylindrical models are real eye-catchers because the bottles are wider than they are tall. The neck finish for both volumes is the popular standard 28SP410. This combines easily with a whole array of closures and mini-pumps.



Nieuwe Producten Thickwallroundjar 4053 0050c0001

Thickwall Jar 50ml

By thicker walls, this time we mean really thicker! New at PET Power is the option to provide containers with a more robust look and feel, without compromising transparency and clarity. As a standard model, we’re introducing a 50 ml version. This model not only has thicker walls, but also a thicker base. Click here for more information.


Nieuwe Producten Tallbostonround

Tall Boston Round 500ml

We are expanding our largest standard family, the Tall Boston Round, with an extra 500ml version. Extra, because of the neck diameter. A minor detail with a major effect. Because we now also produce this 500ml with a 28SP410 neck finish, you can connect the bottle perfectly to a large number of different standard pumps and atomisers. Click here for more product information.


Nieuwe Producten Eggshelljar

Egg Shell Jar 300ml

The Egg Shell Jar 300ml offers you something different. This egg-shaped model is the latest addition to our ‘Funny shapes’ range and the shape speaks for itself. The Egg Shell Jar 300 ml is part of a new trend in which packaging plays an important role in the whole product experience. Naturally, The Egg Shell Jar is perfect for Easter and lends itself to colouring in and plenty of decorating fun. PET Power is happy to advise you with regard to the best possible closures available as standard with this particular neck finish. Click here for more product information.


Nieuwe Producten DropletSqueezer

Droplet Squeezer now also in 510ml

For years now, PET Power’s extensive assortment has included a really popular family of products: the Droplet Squeezers. We offer the Droplet Squeezers with two different neck finishes: a 38SP400 and a 31 Snap version. We’re now expanding this latter range with a 510ml version. PET Power will be pleased to advise you on the different closures available with this specific neck finish. Click here for more product information.


Square Grip Jar 2000ml and 2500ml

We are extending our wonderful range of Square Grip jars with two new sizes. The robust Square Grip jars have a capacity of 2 and 2.5 litres and are very user-friendly despite their large volumes. The jars are produced with the common 100SP400 neck finish. This makes them easy to combine with many standard closures. Click here for more product information.


Ovar Round 1300 and 3000ml

PET Power presents two beautiful new models within our large range of standard PET bottles and jars. The Ovar Round is appealing due to the elegant clean lines, but also because of the striking relationship between height and diameter. The jars are produced with the frequently encountered 100SP400 neck finish and are therefore easy to combine with various common closures. Click here for more product information.



Square Bottle 400ml

A remarkably robust bottle with a perfect look. Our new Square Bottle 400ml has it all! PET Power is adding this tough bottle to our Square Bottle family. Due to the widely used neck finish, the Square Bottle 400ml is easy to combine with the most commonly used pumps and closures. Click here for more product information.


Kronos Square 300ml

How beautiful can a bottle get? We know! It’s our latest addition, the Kronos Square 300ml. This beautiful model is a perfect combination of different lines that surprises you from every angle. The model is simple to combine with standard closures or pumps and is easy to decorate. Click here for more product information.


Straight Cylindrical 450 ml 

The decoration options for the Straight Cylindrical Range are endless. Think of colouring, labelling, sleeving, quoting or printing. PET Power’s decoration specialists will be happy to advise you in your quest for the perfect total packaging. These techniques provide a clearly visible product, as well having as a mouth-watering effect on the consumer. Want to learn more about all the different options? Please contact us at ue.rewoptep@ofni and we will be delighted to help you.


Straight Cylindrical 330/500ml

PET Power is extending its highly popular Straight Cylindrical Jars family with a new range. In addition to the existing 70/89 and 100mm families, PET Power is now also adding the 63mm line. This elegant cylindrical shape is characterised by its simplicity. As a result, they can be used for several different markets. Click here for more product information.


Tharos Grip Jar 3800 ml

The Tharos Grip Jar represents a great expansion of our standard range of large PET jars with a wide neck opening. The grip ensures that the jar is easy to handle, despite it’s large capacity of 3,800 ml. Click here for more product information.


Boston Square 250/500 and 1000ml

Very familiar, and yet different! The top of this model is the same as the popular Boston Round series. What’s unique about the Boston Square version is that its square bottom easily fits with the round top. Click here for more product information.


Wooden Caps

The finishing touch for your product. With a high-quality wooden cap, you create a striking and perfect-quality look for your product. The caps are available in a wide variety of motifs and the interior can be adjusted for nearly any neck finish. Click here for more product information.


Rabbit 300 ml

Our range of “Funny Shapes” has once again been expanded to include a unique model. The name immediately reflects the ideal use of this model: Easter. Because the Rabbit is on its lid when displayed on the shelf, it clearly stands out among all the other packaging types. Click here for more product information.


24 SP410 Cap + Hook

This standard cap is equipped with a hook on the top, enabling the entire package to be suspended (ideal combination with our Sphere range) or something to be attached to it using string. Click here for more product information.