Innovative product development

As a manufacturer and producer, you are always looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Not just with your product, but with the packaging of your product as well. PET Power is your partner in developing innovative PET packaging. We come up with new (market) ideas based on the latest materials and technologies, and we apply these in our own standard products and in customer-specific requirements. The PET Power product development team consists of business developers, designers and process and project engineers. We support the development of your specific requirements with:

  1. 3D design and 3D print of packaging concepts
  2. Pilot Tool: a small batch of test products

From 3D design
to 3D print

The best way to know what your new, self-designed PET packaging feels like is to print it and hold it in your hands. Such a prototype is the result of your own ideas, our creative input and our mutual know-how and expertise. Our design department will produce a 3D print of the manufacturable 3D packaging concept. During this phase, we take manufacturability, weight (preform) and neck finish into account. If you wish, we can also offer advice on the label surface. This way, you will know exactly what the look and feel of your new packaging will be, without having to order an expensive mould. You can use this prototype, for example, to test among customers at trade fairs. PET Power: “Crafting your ideas”.

Pilot Tool:
a small batch of test products

Before you order the production of your PET bottles and containers, you want to make sure that your design fulfils all the requirements. You can do this with a Pilot Tool. With a small batch of test products, you can carry out compatibility tests, for example. The Pilot Tool is also particularly appropriate to test innovations, such as the use of new materials and new production techniques. And our service does not stop after delivery. Our product engineers will continue to contribute ideas about the implementation of new packaging on the filling line. They will also offer advice on, for example, filling, closing, line transportation, palletising and repacking.


With ‘Your Brands’, we want to inspire you, so that you can see the decoration options for our standard PET bottles. Perfect packaging is more than just an empty bottle or container; it’s a mix of different components. With today’s advanced software, we can achieve much more. It is possible to visualise PET bottles and containers in such a way that our customers can get a very realistic visualisation of what the packaging will look like. Upon request, our designers can also take it to the next level, and demonstrate how the product will ultimately be displayed on the retail shelves.