Ice, Ice Baby!
PET POWER expands popular range with new capacity

Pet Power has yet again extended its wide range of standard PET packaging with an instant classic: Straight Cylindrical 450ml. This PET-jar model has been widely used for decades for personal care and food products and now there’s a new product type: ice creams. The sleek lines on the Straight Cylindrical Range lend themselves perfectly for filling and completely scooping out delicious ice cream products.

The four (63/70/89 and 100 mm) different types within the Straight Cylindrical range amount to 23 different PET-jars. Our new addition has a 450ml capacity and an 89mm diameter neck.

Decoration options

The decoration options for the Straight Cylindrical Range are endless. Think of colouring, labelling, sleeving, quoting or printing. PET Power’s decoration specialists will be happy to advise you in your quest for the perfect total packaging. These techniques provide a clearly visible product, as well having as a mouth-watering effect on the consumer. Want to learn more about all the different options? Please contact us at ue.rewoptep@ofni and we will be delighted to help you.