Asteria Oval 300 ml

The Asteria Oval is one of the latest standards to be added to our ample range of PET bottles and jars. Available as standard but far from a standard design. The model is characterised by a combination of different lines. The most striking aspect of the Asteria Oval is its widely shaped shoulders, which gives the model a larger front panel that makes it naturally more noticeable on shop shelves. The model has a capacity of 300 ml and is made with the standard widely used 28SP410 neck finish. This enables the Asteria to be combined with a wide range of closures and pumps.

Decoration and applications

The model is suitable for all types of decoration*. The large presentation surface can easily carry an attractive label, while a screen-print is also relatively easy to apply. We would be happy to discuss the different options with you and we can also take care of the entire process. You can contact our local sales representative or communicate directly with our decoration specialist, Annette Kraan via (ue.rewoptep@ka).