Boston Square 250/500 and 1000 ml

A unique addition to the best-known range of PET bottles in the packaging industry! The Boston Round has a highly recognisable cylindrical style and it has been used for many different product types for years. Our designers managed to design a perfect combination of the well-known round shape with a square base. The combination is a beautiful design with a distinctive look and feel. There are three types of bottles in the PET range: a 250 ml, a 500 ml and a litre bottle. All models have a standard SP410 neck finish, making them easy to combine with all kinds of standard closures and dosing caps.

Recognisable, but still distinct!

The Boston Square range of PET bottles is an attractive addition to the existing Boston Round range. The transition from round to square gives this unique model ideal options for presentation. Like all the other PET packaging products, the Boston Square can be produced in every colour and the decoration choices are endless. You can easily choose a label, print or sleeve. PET Power’s decoration specialists are happy to help you make the best choice. Ask for more information from ue.rewoptep@ofni or contact your local representative.