How beautiful can a bottle get?

When we say the Kronos Square 300ml has its “own shape”, we’re not exaggerating. This majestic model has four equal sides, but the diamond shape provides a totally different experience. Our designer has created a beautiful article with varying horizontal and vertical lines. The Kronos Square is finished with the widely used 24SP410 neck finish. This makes it easy to combine the bottle with a lot of standard closures, sprays or pumps. The model is a joy for every packaging designer because it’s so easy to decorate.

We all want to stand out on the shop shelf…

A beautiful model or beautiful decoration is certainly eye-catching, but also give some thought to the right combination of height and width. The Kronos Square has it all! With a height of almost 18cm, this beautiful model stands head and shoulders above all other 300ml bottles. The diamond shape creates more width, and a striking decoration nicely finishes it off. PET Power specialists are pleased to help you with your selection of the right decoration. Ask via for more information or contact your local sales representative (found on the contact page above the menu bar).