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Whatever is nice should be expanded…

Non-round bottles are becoming increasingly popular. And we are happy to respond to that popularity with an expansion of our Square Bottles range. The distinctive 400ml version is characterised by its sleek lines and tall appearance. The height of this model is two and a half times the bottom dimension! Combine this square PET bottle with a striking 28SP410 closure or pump and easily create a real eye-catcher on the shop shelf.

Which decoration fits best?

Decorating PET packaging is a profession in itself. Combining the right decoration technique with the right model is really not that easy. Our decoration specialists will gladly collaborate with you from the start of the process, to map out all the advantages and disadvantages. The 400ml Square Bottle is perfect for almost all decoration techniques. Let our designers convince you in advance with remarkable ideas and illustrations. Want to know more? Then feel free to contact us at info@petpower.

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