Square Grips: Hefty Characters!

We are expanding our range with two special Square Grip jars. Sizeable jars, that provide a solid grip. The jars have a capacity of 2 and 2.5 litres respectively. The Square Grip literally offers users a grip and gives the jar its distinctive look. Both jars come with the common 100SP400 neck finish. This allows the jars to be effortlessly combined with a great variety of closures.

Square Grips in Practice

Square Grip jars are often used in professional kitchens, as they are so easy to use. Also, more and more consumers are using them, mostly because of the popularity of amateur participation in cooking. A high-quality, robust and beautiful jar is never out of place in the kitchen! The Square Grip jars are also perfect for other product types such as animal feed, confectionery, nuts and other powdered products. And with the right decoration you can turn this user-friendly jar into an eye-catching product. PET Power specialists will be happy to help you select the right product. For more information please send an email to ue.rewoptep@ofni Alternatively, you can always contact your local sales representative (you can find their details on the contact page, above the menu bar).

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