Take a firm hold of it!

This certainly applies to our two latest additions. We are expanding our range of ‘Grip’ jars with this pair of Big Guys. The jars have a capacity of 2.0 and 2.5 litres, respectively. The characteristic ‘Square Grip’ ensures that the user can hold the jars easily and at the same time it gives the jar its striking appearance. Both jars come with the popular 100SP400 neck finish. This makes them easy to combine with a multitude of different closures.

A welcome guest in the kitchen, but with many more possibilities!

Grip jars are often used in professional kitchens, as they are so easy to use. We are now also seeing a trend towards consumer use, because more and more professional-level cooking is being done at home. A high-quality, robust and handsome jar is never out of place in the kitchen! These jars are also perfect for other product types such as animal feed, confectionery, nuts and powdered products. With the right decoration you can turn this user-friendly jar into an eye-catching container. PET Power specialists are pleased to help you select the right decoration.
Ask at ue.rewoptep@ofni for more information or contact your local sales representative (to be found on the contact page above the menu bar).