Round and robust, but oh so elegant…

By popular demand, we’re proud to present the newest addition to our standard PET range. We’re adding a robust 1 litre jar to our already extensive Straight Cylindrical Jar range. Despite its 14 cm height and 10 cm diameter, the 1 litre jar still retains its elegance. The characteristic sleek lines ensure that a whole variety of products will come into their own. We produce the 1 litre Straight Cylindrical Jar with the much-used 100SP400 neck finish, which can easily be combined with a multitude of standard closures.

Popular on shop shelves

You increasingly see Straight Cylindrical Jars in the shops, and with good reason! The round, cylindrical shape means that the model is suited to a whole range of product groups. Think of, for instance, skin-care products, sweets, herbs & spices and, with increasing frequency, also ice-cream. This elegant model is easy to fill and decorate. Curious about the possibilities for your products? Then please contact us through your local sales representative or e-mail us at

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