The Largest range is now even larger

The largest of the PET Power ranges is the standard Straight Cylindrical Jar. The complete range comprises 20 different models, split between three neck diameters (70, 89 and 100mm). In addition to the most extensive 70mm size, we are now adding a Straight Cylindrical Jar with a 125ml capacity. The Straight Cylindrical Jars are popular packaging for all kinds of product groups. The clean, simple lines, combined with extensive scope for decoration, make the model popular with countless designers and packaging specialists.

Straight Cylindrical Jars offer even more advantages.

As well as the Straight Cylindrical Jars’ almost unprecedented decorative scope, this range has hardly any restrictions on filling. Ideal if you want to achieve the right margins at high speeds! All models are also equipped with SP400, the most commonly used neck finish. This allows all sizes to be combined with a wide variety of standard closures.

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