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PET Power’s daily operations are based on our own sustainability programme. The aim of the programme is for production to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to minimise the organisation’s ecological footprint. We have designed a comprehensive infographic so that you can get a better understanding of this programme.

PET Power’s Sustainable Programme


Fewer CO2emissions
Our energy consumption has dropped significantly in recent years, by continually fine-tuning the production process.


More and more renewable materials and PET products
We take recycling into consideration from design to production, and we look for ways to minimise the use of PET. Furthermore, we are also using more and more recycled PET (PCR) and biological PET (BioPET).


Less and less waste
We re-use clean waste and recycle PET, also internally.


Inspire employees
We have developed a wide range of sustainability initiatives. For example, we encourage a paperless office and reduce travelling with the use of teleconferences and video meetings.


Inform relationships
We offer our suppliers, customers and consumers information and seminars about sustainability.