PET Power and charities

PET Power is not an island. We are aware of our societal and social responsibilities at local, national and international levels. PET Power therefore has been supporting charities for many years, and two charitable causes in particular. The Plastic Whale initiative fits in perfectly with our thoughts on sustainability. PET Power also strongly supports the Stichting Duchenne Parents foundation. Aside from these two main charities, PET Power supports other local initiatives, often recommended by colleagues. One example is support for training guide dogs.

Plastic Whale

Plastic Whale shows that as an individual you can really make a difference to improving the environment. A few years ago, founder Marius Smit was very annoyed by the large amounts of plastic waste on holiday beaches. What started as an enthusiastic challenge on social media has turned into a professional organisation. Now, there is already a fleet of eight boats passing through the canals of Amsterdam made from 100% recycled plastic waste. Companies and individuals can hire these boats and help Amsterdam have the cleanest canals in the world. PET Power believed in this initiative from the outset, and we also invite our business partners to take part. For more information about this initiative, go to: You can also read the Impact Report.


The Stichting Duchenne foundation raises money for research into the children’s disease Duchenne. This rare illness (muscular dystrophy) occurs mainly in boys and causes muscle problems. Unfortunately, there is still very little known about the cause, and the life expectancy of these children is much too low. This foundation also raises funds by organising Duchenne Heroes. Using your healthy muscles for children with this serious disease is the motto of this 700-kilometre bike ride. PET Power colleagues have already participated four times in this enormous trip. If you would like more information about this initiative, go to: of