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Safety in the corporate culture

Safety is Pet Power’s number one priority. We always keep our employees, customers and visitors focused on safety within our organisation. This awareness for safety is reflected in the culture at PET Power and in our core values:

  • open and transparent communication
  • integrity
  • pride
  • accountability
  • customer-oriented
  • solution-oriented approach.

Operational safety management

All aspects of PET Power’s operations are centred on health and safety. We conduct our operations with a minimal practical risk for our guests and employees. Together, we strive to prevent all accidents and industrial diseases.

Certainly, PET Power meets the minimum requirements of national legislation. But because this issue is very important to us, we want to take it to the next level. We want to be the best in terms of health and safety. We can remain at the top only if we continue conducting process analyses and keep improving hazardous elements in the production process.

Safety: a personal responsibility

PET Power’s management is proactively controlling and initiating a safe and healthy work environment. In addition, the company expects that employees follow the rules, that they actively contribute to a safe work environment and that they share their thoughts on how to improve safety at the workplace. To facilitate improvement, PET Power’s management has defined objectives and targets based on available data, research and figures. Each year, these objectives are re-assessed and adjusted, and new goals are set.