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A small detail with a big effect …

Often the smallest modifications make the biggest difference! We are now expanding our largest standard family, the Tall Boston Round, with a special 500ml version with a 28SP410 neck finish. Thanks to this small modification, it connects perfectly with a lot of standard pumps and atomisers. Are you thinking about introducing a complete product line with the same packaging shape? Then this new 500ml version makes the choice a lot easier! The Tall Boston Round family, as everybody knows, is easy to decorate and colour. Curious to find out more about all the available colours and decorating options?

How do you use it?

You come across the Tall Boston family in shops everywhere and it has almost unprecedented application possibilities. We are also creating incredible opportunities with this new neck finish. The range of combinations with pumps and atomisers is creating new possibilities, particularly in the Home Care market. If you want to find out what possibilities the 500ml offers you, please contact your local sales representative or email ue.rewoptep@ofni

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