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Not just thicker, but also…

Our latest addition really sets itself apart in many ways from the other PET bottles and containers. We produce the standard available Thickwall 50 ml Jar in multiple materials. Your wishes, the product and the quantity determine the most suitable type of plastic. In consultation with you, we’ll opt for Tritan™, a different co-polyester or thick-walled PET. This is of course also possible for your customer-specific models with different volumes.

What exactly is the purpose of thicker containers?

When we thicken the walls of plastic packaging, we create the same experience as with glass packaging. With the extra benefit that the jars are unbreakable. So you’ll never have glass splinters on your filling lines, or in the bathroom! Because of their high-quality appearance, these ‘Thickwall Jars’ are particularly suited for the more luxurious personal care brands.

Cap and decoration options

The Thickwall Jar comes with a perfectly matching closure. The sleek closure fits seamlessly with the neck of the jar, and together they form a superb whole. The height of the cap can be adjusted, in consultation. Thick-walled containers are decorated with the same techniques, regardless of the choice for Tritan™, thick-walled PET or a different co-polyester.

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